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Jogos com graficos 2D são habitualmente “espalmados”, com os objetos e as personagens representados em simples padrões geométricos. Metal Soldiers 2 - Metal Soldiers 2 Zombies Modern Setting Tanks Shoot the enemies and dodge the bullets coming your way in Metal Soldiers 2.

Play a huge variety of exciting levels, defeat bosses and complete missions.

Use cool power ups to get through the toughest of stages easily.
TDP-4 Team Battle - TDP4 Team Battle Jogador contra Jogador Platformer Deathmatch Team Deathmatch Capture the Flag Run, crouch, crawl or jump as you avoid obstacles while shooting your opponents in this fast action-packed sidescroller of a game.

Experience a game play that crosses games like Super Mario, Sonic and CounterStrike into one multi-player slugfest.

Feel the tension building up all the way from your keyboard to your fingers and up to your brain and holler as you get pummeled by the other guy.

Brain/Out - Brain/Out Team-based Capture Points Deathmatch Team Deathmatch Look to the Left or look to the Right before you run, shoot all your opponents and have lots of fun.

Hear your footsteps as you run from area to area within the map but be careful as someone might suddenly pop up behind or in front of you and take the score for him or herself.

Feel the adrenaline rush as you run, jump and shoot your way through map after map of complex levels and obstacles while your opponents try to make target practice out of you.

Formicide - Formicide Sci-Fi Jogador contra Jogador Platformer Competitive Deathmatch Team Deathmatch Take and Hold Engage enemy ants in a multi-player side-scrolling arcade shooter where you can move up, down, left or right as you aim and shoot at the split of an instant.

Experience the surrealistically cute ant world as your insectoid trooper jumps up and down in a battle to death while collecting items that not only help but produce awesome graphical and sound effects as well.

Go toe to toe, team to team in this game where the ant with the moves wins the round (or day).

BATTLECREW™ Space Pirates - BATTLECREW™ Space Pirates Team Deathmatch Jogador contra Jogador Be the best among your opponents.

Play the Deathmatch or the Gold Rush modes.

Enjoy a side-scrolling space-oriented MMO.
The Ultimatest Battle - The Ultimatest Battle Team-based Team Deathmatch Capture the Flag Experience a new arcade shooter, team based side-scrolling game with lots of action and explosions on screen.

Go head-to-head against the enemy team in the spirit of MMOFPS games set in a cute 2D world.

Protect your Princess from enemy Nubs or steal theirs if you can.
SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Survival Zombies Tiros Post Apocalyptic Jogador contra Jogador Eliminate zombies in this addicting action shooter that doesn’t disappoint.

Upgrade your weapons and equipment as you progress through the game to mow down even more zombies.

Participate in intense PvP events that are sure to test your skills as you test your mettle against the best.
CS2D - CS2D Team-based Capture Points Tiros Military Bomb Defuse Team Deathmatch Capture the Flag Join servers online and slug it out with other CS players in 2D or play alone with bots.

Play just like you play regular CS with all the same characters, sides, maps, weapons and game play.

Experience CounterStrike from a top down perspective as you realize your enjoying the game just the same.
Bad 2 Bad: Delta - Bad 2 Bad: Delta War Side-Scrolling Campaign Tiros Enjoy this thoroughly addicting side-scrolling shooter that’s filled with action packed moments.

Make your way through tons upon tons of expertly designed and highly engaging missions that do not cease to impress.

Utilize various different kinds of weapons to wreak havoc on your foes.
Bullet League - Bullet League Side-Scrolling Deathmatch Jogador contra Jogador Battle Royale Enjoy this thrilling, hectic and fast-paced battle royale that offers a fresh take on the experience.

Upgrade your weapons as you progress through the game to further enhance your capabilities on the battlefield.

Play the deathmatch mode for a truly fast-paced experience in which there’s never a single dull moment.

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