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Os Shooters incluem os jogos de disparar que não podem ser agrupados em Shooters na Primeira Pessoa (visão na primeira pessoa) ou na Terceira Pessoa. Isto incluí, sobretudo, shooters de Arcade (vista de cima em 2D, isométrica, etc.) e alguns shooters baseados no modo de arena. World of Warplanes 10 World of Warplanes War Historical Setting Tiros Airplanes Jogador contra Jogador Fly high and be transported back into the golden age of military warplanes and aerial aces.

Choose your planes, upgrade them, and buy better ones from a variety of choices.

Become the undisputed king of the skies, shoot down enemy aces, and pilot your plane to victory.
War Thunder 10 War Thunder Historical Setting Tiros Airplanes Jogador contra Jogador Tanks War Warships Take to the skies with your trusty 1900s-era warplane, shoot down your enemies, and become the esteemed ace!

Get inside your tank, charge forward, and fire your main guns and machine guns to obliterate your opponents.

Choose a country, go with their flags and machines, and fight your way to victory!
Alliance of Valiant Arms 10 Alliance of Valiant Arms Team Deathmatch Jogador contra Jogador Play this military-based first person shooter and use a variety of weapons and upgrade them to effectively mow down your opponents.

Climb up the leaderboard, join the top clans, and become a well-renowned player in the field.

Try out numerous game modes and have a fun FPS experience with your friends.
Battleline: Steel Warfare 9 Battleline: Steel Warfare War Tiros Tanks Battleline: Steel Warfare crosses genres: it is where real-time strategy meets shooters.

Be a tank commander, and guide your squad in battling other tanks to invade territories and reduce your enemies into burning heaps of metal.

Cooperate with your team and go up against enemies in intense tank battles.
All Points Bulletin: Reloaded 10 APB: Reloaded Carro Party-Based Jogador contra Jogador Team Deathmatch Take and Hold Arena Play as either cops or robbers in this all out multi-player on-line shooter slug-fest and climb up the ranks as you gain experience.

Engage in real time missions on both sides in an urban environment filled with civilians, cops and robbers.

Drive various vehicles around the city which you get to commandeer or steal depending on what you are.
CrimeCraft: GangWars - CrimeCraft: GangWars Crime Deathmatch Post Apocalyptic Team Deathmatch Capture the Flag Earn Street Cred, play by the rules, or wave around a rocket launcher in a world filled with anarchy in CrimeCraft.

GangWars is an expansion of the original game, adding more content, giving both new and veteran players a fresh experience.

Drop into the post-apocalyptic world and make a name for yourself!
Warface 2016: Black Shark - Warface 2016: Black Shark War Tiros Modern Setting Join up with your friends or compete with them in Warface, a military-based, free-to-play tactical shooter.

Play in numerous game modes, like team deathmatch, solo deathmatch, and Counter Strike-inspired plant the bomb.

Choose from four classes and increase equip hundreds of different weapons from handguns to assault rifles to increase your deadly arsenal.
Mission Against Terror - Mission Against Terror Bomb Defuse Tiros Military Experience adrenaline-fueled gameplay in Mission Against Terror, and shoot your way to victory.

Enjoy a lighthearted take on first-person shooting games and be treated to quick and satisfying gameplay.

Get access to a multitude of maps, weapons, and costumes your character needs.
Navy Field 2 10 Navy Field 2 War Warships Tiros Choose your country of allegiance and create your captain to man the seas in this WW1 and WW2-era battleship game.

Take to the seas and control different types of ships, from aircraft carriers, ferocious battleships, and stealthy submarines.

Fight in explosive and strategic open ocean warfare against other players!
Hawken - Hawken Mechs Futuristic Setting Robots Pilot your own powerful mech and go into battle and decimate your opponents through different methods.

Pick over 30 mechs with different capabilities, from lightweight to hard-hitting ones, and outfit them with destructive weapons.

Cooperate with friends or fight against them in six competitive game modes.

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