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Azur Interactive Games is the games company behind popular MMOFPS app, Modern Strike Online. Link: Modern Strike Online 10 Modern Strike Online Team-based Shooting Team Deathmatch Guilds Player vs Player (PvP) Wield the most lethal weapons and fire away in Modern Strike Online.

Enjoy a huge variety of weapons and upgrade them to wreak havoc upon your opponents.

Play five exciting game modes that will never let you get bored.
World War Heroes - World War Heroes Historical Setting Shooting Tanks Dive into the beaches of Normandy or in other battlefields across Europe in World War Heroes.

Fight with and against other soldiers around the world in fast-paced battles in a wide variety of game modes.

Use a multitude of guns, choose your side, and devastate your opponents with your FPS skills.
Infinity Ops - Infinity Ops Team Deathmatch Futuristic Setting Sci-Fi Player vs Player (PvP) Get hooked on this exceptional sci-fi FPS that doesn’t cease to impress.

Make use of a variety of different weapons as you wreak havoc on any opponent who stands in your path.

Enjoy multiple different game modes, each capable of providing a unique and refreshing experience.

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