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Customize your tank from its turret to its hull to your liking at the garage

Head into combat with other players in the game's many exciting game modes and maps

Maximize your score and K/D ratio and climb up the ranks
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Customize your tank from its turret to its hull to your liking at the garage

Head into combat with other players in the game's many exciting game modes and maps

Maximize your score and K/D ratio and climb up the ranks

The game was first released as an online closed beta on May 2009 by Russian developer Alternativa Platform. It’s basically a Third Person Shooter game where the characters are Tanks instead of the usual soldiers.

At the very beginning of Tanki Online's infancy, the developers enlisted the aid of online players to test the game in order to iron out the bugs and glitches that plagued the early beta. Around 600 people participated which led to the game having its own active gaming community as it grew in popularity undergoing several updates over the years.

Today, Tanki Online is one of the most played browser-based tank games on the internet. However, its competitor and successor, Tanki X, is currently going through the beta testing stage itself and will be hot in pursuit of this coveted title. Despite the existence of a successor, sporting far newer graphics and features, the Tanki Online community is still very much active as the game continues to maintain its popularity throughout the years via its strong and loyal player base and extremely immersive, no to mention, competitive, gameplay.

After you register on their site, the game loads onto your browser and display the main menu screen where you can access the options that will help you create your character (tank); load it up with some basic gear and items to get you started and choose the appearance of your combat ready Mean Machine.

Of course if you’re still starting up, you’re likely to have Tiny Tank to fight with compared to the other mega tanks running around, but with a well-planned mix of armor, speed, tactics and firepower, even Tiny Tank can rise through the ranks. The available menu options are Shop, Battle, Garage and EN. The number of Crystals that you have which happens to be your in-game money is also displayed. These can be earned during combat or purchased directly at the Store. Doing it that way will however require you to spend real cash if you’re willing to.

The garage is where you fit or retrofit your Tiny Tank with parts like the Hull, Gun Turret, Armor plating and a Paintjob you like. You also load up on Supplies, Kits and Specials which are game options that you can use like Passes to Pro Battles, Badges, Helmet, Bro messages and a Teddy Bear.

The Hull which is the tanks main body comes in different models and variants each with its own strength and weakness. You will find the Hornet, Hunter, Titan and Dictator among others. Cost would currently be around free to 500.000 crystals. Armor plating is either for a specific type of weapon or a combo armor that can withstand a couple of weapon types. Examples are Fox SA for Anti Fire, Wolf SB for Anti Blast Ball Projectiles and Dolphin SA for Anti Electrical weaponry. Cost would be around Free to 5000 crystals.

Gun Turrets will depend on the specialized firepower that they have. Some of these are the basic Smokey that fires armor piercing rounds, Twin cannons that fire blast ball rounds, Firebird which is really great for close quarter combat hitting the enemy with a heavily damaging flame, Freeze which sprays out something that acts like mega strong liquid nitrogen and the Vulcan cannon that sprays deadly rounds that can rip right through your armor. Again, cost ranges from free to 500.000 crystals.

Supplies are items that you will need in-game like repair kits, speed Boost, mines and double armor. Cost range from free to 150 crystals. Kits on the other hand contain various items like armor, turrets, hulls, supplies, etc. all in assorted combinations. Cost ranges from 365 to 502260 crystals.

For that which will make your tank look ugly, menacing or cool, Paint jobs are a plenty. From basic single colors like Red, Green and Blue to the standard camouflage like Forest, Marines or Flora and the neo-groovy to killer looks which include Lava, Space invaders, Dragon and Lead. Considered as optional skins for your character, these are the selections that cost the most from free to a whopping 750000 crystals.

Once your tank is ready, you head on to the Battle options. The EN option will show you servers you can play on. Battle gives you the Maps or Rooms that you can join. The game modes are shown beside the respective map names. These are Capture the Flag (CTF), DeathMatch (DM), Team DeathMatch (TDM) and Capture Point (CP). Game play is fast, furious and immersive regardless which mode you choose although you rack up on points and crystals much faster on free-for-all DeathMatch.

Once again, skill and experience will contribute a lot to your game play. Developing a tactic based on the tank and firepower that you have will come a long way. Do you stay Tiny Tank with speed and hit them where they least expect it or do you go Mega Brute and mow them down with a frontal attack? Whichever option you choose, as the game progresses, you will find yourself at the bottom, in the middle and at the top and back again to the bottom of the player stats come end of each round. There doesn’t seem to be any AI players and mostly no player balancing either. Graphics and animation is cool despite being 2009 standard and the sound effects are fine. The maps are tactical and power-up crates appear now and then to help you out. However, adjusting just the right angled overhead view might need some fiddling around.

Regardless of the difficulty to be expected in at least being good in a game like this (the controls somewhat need some getting used to), Tanki Online is immensely fun and will keep you literally riveted to your seat for hours on end no matter what kind of tank you have. So, play Tanki Online now and may the best tank win!

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Head into combat with other players in the game's many exciting game modes and maps

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