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Record of Lodoss War Online: Second Class Change Has Arrived

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 Aside from adding second class change to six jobs, a new Labyrinth, ‘Labyrinth of Trial’, has also been added. Record of Lodoss War Online: Second Class Change Has Arrived On November 29, L&K Co., Ltd (CEO Nam, Taeg Won, hereinafter ‘L&K’) announced that ‘Record of Lodoss War Online (hereinafter ‘Lodoss War Online’)’, a massively fantasy MMORPG Game published by L&K and Neowiz Games’s Japan subsidiary GameOn Co., Ltd (CEO Lee, Sang Yeop), is carried out a large-scale update to add a Second Class Change to six jobs such as Scout, Ranger, etc.

This update follows the added Second Class Change for Six jobs such as Paladin, Knight, etc. on May 24 (Thurs), By this, Scout can be changed into Perfect Strider, Thief as Master Assassin, Elementalist as Elder Druid, Ranger as Spiritual Sniper, Mercenary as Eternal Champion, Avenger as Frenzied Berserker. With the change of appearance, new active and passive skills can be added. In addition, 4 of the Second Enhancement Skill were also added together.

To unlock the Second Class Change, the character must be at least level 80 and you must complete a Second Class Change quest from the skill trainer NPC of each job in the Lloyd Adventurer Association. Frenzied Berserker for example, When in Frenzy, can use ‘Guillotine’ Skill for increases fatal blow and Critical damage and New passive skill ‘Violent Power‘ increases physical attack power and target's physical penetration. Also with the second enhancement of active skill, Consumption of magical power is the increase. But Frenzy-related effects and damage increase significantly, or the buff effect is enhanced, such as the ability to demonstrate a much more powerful.

Besides that, 10 floors of Labyrinth of Trial has been added to the existing Labyrinth system. You can enter at least level 60 and Labyrinth of Trials for one person only. You can be rewarded if you kill the powerful monsters on each floor within 10 minutes. Every time when clear each floor of Labyrinth, can get time box randomly and will get additional Title Stone to get ‘Conqueror‘ title.

Detailed information of this update can be found on Lodoss War Online G&G homepage (, and You can also enjoy it on JC Planet ( and Warp Portal ( as well.