Why Bluestacks is Our Android Emulator of Choice?

Rate this Article We’ve been on the hunt for the best Android emulator and we’re glad to say that we’ve finally found the best Android emulator around! Online FPS Games - Why Bluestacks is Our Android Emulator of Choice?

Touted as being the world’s fastest Android gaming platform for PC, Bluestacks is, without a doubt, our Android emulator of choice and is perhaps the best Android emulator around. With 400 million gamers and counting with over 1 million Android games of every genre that works seamlessly on the platform, this is the emulator to use if you want to play mobile games on your PC!

One of the biggest issues when it comes to emulating mobile games is the controls. Unlike on your phone or tablet, you can’t really tap, swipe, pinch and do a whole host of actions that you might be used to doing on a touchscreen on your PC or laptop. After all, most PCs and laptops don’t have a touchscreen. So, Android emulators will have to ensure that the controls translate well from mobile devices to the good old keyboard and mouse.

From our experience from testing out various Android emulators, Bluestacks does this the best. The preset controls work great for most of the popular games we’ve tried but if you’d like to go a step further, know that Bluestacks allows you to customize your own controls, binding certain actions to whichever keys you prefer.

Of course, another major issue that impacts most Android emulators is the fact the speed between the input (your mouse clicks or key presses) and the actual action on screen is often delayed by a few microseconds… enough to get you killed in games where twitch reflex is highly valued. It’s like you’re a console gamer without aim assist getting into a gunfight with a PC gamer – it just won’t work.

This issue, which plagues quite a lot of other Android emulators, doesn’t seem to affect the games on Bluestacks. Your performance won’t be hampered by the emulator you use, allowing you to really showcase your superior skills on the battlefield/arena. In fact, Bluestacks is proven to have 6 times faster performance than many top Android phones, so by playing say… PUBG Mobile on Bluestacks rather than on your phone, you might see a slight improvement in your aim and reaction time.

Playing PUBG Mobile on Bluestacks

All of that is good and all, but what truly sets Bluestacks apart is the huge range of “superpowers” that it has. For starters, did you know you can use macros and scripts to breeze over repetitive tasks in your favorite games? You can easily record your actions for a certain task on Bluestacks, set the macro on repeat, and then just sit back and relax as the macro helps you open all of the reward chests or card packs you’ve accumulated.

Multi-instancing is another very interesting feature that’s only available on Bluestacks. FYI, an “instance” on Bluestacks is similar to opening a new tab on your browser, but of course, it’s a lot more sophisticated and is not merely a “new tab”. This is a feature that players with multiple accounts would absolutely love, mainly because it basically allows them to play a single game and have their actions translated to multiple game accounts on other “instances” of the game via multi-instance sync. Essentially, they can level up multiple accounts in the same game at the same time!

Not to mention, Bluestacks is available on two major operating systems, namely Windows (Win7 and above) and macOS (macOS Sierra and above), and has a device profile changing feature, allowing you to virtually “switch devices“ (there are several to choose from) in certain cases where an app isn’t compatible with the device you’re currently emulating. You can add in your own device profiles too.

Bluestacks also has other utility features, including real-time auto-translation that isn’t exactly perfect – Google translate isn’t perfect either – but works well enough for players who insist on playing games that aren’t available in a language they could understand. In addition to its free Disk Cleanup service, you can even take screenshots or record videos of your matches or gameplay directly on Bluestacks, without having to install some third-party software. Best of all, everything is free to use too!

With that all said and done, it’s pretty obvious that Bluestacks is the superior Android emulator. It doesn’t just reach for the bare minimum that is to let you play Android games on your PC; the software also comes with an impressive lineup of additional features which makes this Android emulator our Android emulator of choice!

Download Bluestacks now and check out the many games that you can play there. Here are some of our recommendations: https://www.mobile4pc.com/.

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