Top 5 Free Browser Based MMOFPS Games

Rate this Article If you’re looking for a solid browser based MMOFPS to play and can’t seem to find the right game then you don’t need to worry because we’ve got you covered. Online FPS Games - Top 5 Free Browser Based MMOFPS Games

Browser based MMOFPS games have always been highly sought after because they allow players to enjoy an incredible experience without requiring them to download enormous files and, in this article, we’ll be highlighting the best browser based MMOFPS games that we’ve come across to help you if you’re looking for one.

We took various things into consideration when deciding what games should be on this list but the most important factor the decided whether a game would make it was definitely longevity. No matter how good the mechanics of a shooter game are, it needs to have the necessary amount of content on top of that as well to ensure that things don’t start to become repetitive so, on this list, you’ll only find games that you can play for hours upon hours each day without things starting to feel dull.

The following are the five browser based MMOFPS games that we think everyone should be trying out.

1: Contract Wars

Contract Wars is a delightful game for various reasons but the thing we like most about this game is the fact that it’s loaded with variety. You can play this game for countless hours and things will always stay fresh simply because there’s so much to enjoy while in-game. There’s an insane array of weapons to choose from and there are lots of maps to enjoy as well so this is definitely a great game to get into if you plan to play for long periods of time.

2: Gates

The thing that makes Gates so appealing is the fact that it doesn’t add any over the top gameplay elements into the mix so it’s great for players who want the classical shooter experience without any additional bells and whistles. The shooting mechanics feel smooth, the weapons are solid, the graphics are top notch and, all things considered, the game’s nothing short of delightful

3: Military Wars

The thing that landed Military Wars on this list wasn’t just its variety but also the incredible shooting mechanics that it has to offer. Out of all the games we played, Military Wars seemed to have the most skill based shooting because there were lots of different factors to keep track of such as weapon kick and bullet spread while spraying.

4: Global Strike

Global Strike is an absolute treat to play because it basically has all the features that you’d want from a top notch shooting game. The game features top quality shooting gameplay, spectacular visuals, lots of variety in terms of weapons and maps and there are lots of game modes to enjoy as well so it’s more than capable of getting anyone hooked.

5: Red Crucible Reloaded

Red Crucible Reloaded is probably the best game we’ve had from the Red Crucible series because it utilized the same great gameplay formula that its predecessors had but somehow managed to enhance things to a whole new level. It has all the trademark features that one would expect from a solid shooter game and it has a variety of unique gameplay elements as well that are sure to give you a delightful experience.

Overall, the five aforementioned browser based first person shooting games are the ones that we enjoyed the most so we highly recommend giving them a shot.

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