Crucial MMOFPS Mechanics That Everyone Should Master

Rate this Article There are certain gameplay mechanics that are common across all MMOFPS games and in this article we’ll be pointing them all out so that you can master them and become better than those you play against. Online FPS Games - Crucial MMOFPS Mechanics That Everyone Should Master

The very first thing that you need to learn in order to be considered truly good at any MMOFPS game is recoil control. The biggest mistake that players make in these games is spraying their gun as soon as they see an opponent. The problem with this is the fact that, due to recoil, every bullet after the fourth or fifth one is going to fly in a random direction and you’re probably going to get killed due to this inaccuracy. In order to control recoil, you either have to shoot in bursts of three or four bullets or, if you’re good enough, you can even learn to control the pattern of a gun’s recoil so you can control your mouse accordingly in order to nullify most of it. Learning to counter recoil patterns is quite difficult so we recommend starting by firing in controlled bursts.

Proper use of equipment is also key to becoming a good MMOFPS player. These games are about strategy just as much as they’re about shooting your enemy into oblivion and their strategic depth comes primarily from the use of equipment such as Hand Grenades and Flash Bangs. Learning to utilize these will truly make you a standout player because they’ll give you a strategic advantage over your opponent. For example, if an enemy is camping a certain area and you have no way to get to that particular enemy, a flash bang will allow you to temporarily blind that person so that you and your allies can move in for the kill.

Animation cancelling is also a vital skill that’ll help you overcome your foes. Although this isn’t something that applies to every single MMOFPS game out there, it’s still a pretty common mechanic and it can definitely mean the victory between killing and dying. Animation cancelling is basically when you cancel the animation of one particular action by performing another one thereby saving a fair bit of time. For instance, if one weapon is halfway done reloading and you rapidly switch to another weapon and then back, there’s a good chance that the reload will have completed but, due to the switch, it’ll have taken a lot less time.

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