Benefits of MMO Shooter Games

Rate this Article MMO Shooters have been a good gaming staple; with millions of players worldwide, players play countless hours to improve on their skills. Training for these games and all that time playing has been proven to be beneficial. Online FPS Games - Benefits of MMO Shooter Games

There have been many shooting games that have sprung up over the years and many new concepts have been experimented on and added. MMO shooters have always been a very good staple in the gaming world and have always been a ton of fun to play. Gamers of the genre have always been competitive as it comes with a fast-paced and action-packed theme. There are a lot of gamers who play MMO shooters and there seems to be a lot of benefits of playing it.

MMO shooters are one of the most skill-based genres as it is very fast-paced. Solid decision-making and experience will be needed to excel in such games but recent research has indicated that these games also have the ability to improve brain function such as cognitive abilities and learning skills which also have real-life applications.

Gamers who play MMO shooters have been known to have good hand-eye coordination as they would need to react to a visual stimulus as fast as they can, they might need to duck for cover or gun an enemy down before they get gunned down. Gamers who often played shooters have been proven to have better spatial reasoning, visual acuity, spatial focus, and decision making.

Although there are different types of MMO shooters such as the common FPS style, the fast-paced arena-style fantasy such as BattleSouls, or even military-style vehicle shooters like World of Tanks; skills needed to excel in such games would seem to be quite similar. These games would have 3D environments, and being able to distinguish friend from foe will help them survive longer in a skirmish. And improved cognitive abilities that they have developed, they would be able to shoot off their enemies as soon as they go out of cover.

Video games have often been proven to retune connectivity across and within different brain areas. This just simply means that gamers learn skills that not only apply to games but can also be used in real life. There have been tests that have proven that these improvements do not require playing shooters for many years.

Gamers were able to get better scores on tests on spatial reasoning and visual attention initially, but non-gamers who were told to play shooter games regularly for a short time were able to increase their marks in those tests.

Games seem to come with positive skills that can be used in real life and with their ability to retune connectivity across and within the brain, the possibilities are endless. The Scientific American Mind has called it the “holy grail of education”. So perhaps if we are able to fine-tune games such as MMO shooters in order to have a bigger impact in real life, that would definitely change the way we learn in the future.

Gamers who play MMO shooters spend countless hours every day honing and perfecting their skills. It does take a lot of fast reflexes which would also require improvements in different cognitive abilities. Hours that they have spent have been proven beneficial but it will all be up to the gamers on how they will be able to apply these new-found skills in real life.

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