5 Weapon Loadouts You Must Try in Apex Legends

Rate this Article Apex Legends is a game that offers players a variety of different weapons to try out and, in this article, we’ll be talking about the five weapon combinations that everyone should give a shot to. Online FPS Games - 5 Weapon Loadouts You Must Try in Apex Legends

Given the massive variety of weapons in Apex Legends, it can be rather hard to choose a weapon to stick with as the game goes on. Some weapons excel at close ranges whereas others are designed to take down enemies from long distances. After multitudes of hours in the game, we’ve managed to come up with the five weapon combinations that we think are going to improve your chances of winning.

1: Peacekeeper + Wingman

The Peacekeeper and Wingman combination is something that a lot of players fall back on whenever they’re looking for a way to absolutely annihilate their foes in close to medium range combat. While the one obvious drawback of this combination is the fact that it can be hard to execute in long range duels as you can’t equip a long range scope on the Wingman, this is more than made up for by the fact that it’s absolutely incredible in close to medium ranges. When someone is up close and personal you simply bring out the Peacekeeper and wreck them and, when the distance between you and your opponent increases, the Wingman will allow you to deal some pretty serious damage.

2: R99 + Longbow

The R99 and Longbow combo is great as it’s quite versatile and well suited to pretty much any situation that the game can throw at you. The Longbow is absolutely lethal at long ranges and, whenever enemies manage to get a little too close to you, you can simply bust out the R99 SMG and annihilate them with its insane rate of fire.

3: Spitfire + Longbow

Having a Spitfire and Longbow can turn your character into a force to be reckoned with. Your Longbow will allow you to snipe out opponents from afar and the enormous ammo capacity of the Spitfire will enable you to provide an insane amount of cover fire for your squad. This particular loadout can leave you rather weak up close, though, so you’ll definitely need to keep your distance with these guns equipped.

4: R301 + Peacekeeper

This is perhaps one of the most well rounded weapon loadouts on this list because it can operate in pretty much every scenario. The R301 is one of the most manageable assault rifles in the game once you have all the right attachments equipped and the Peacekeeper is absolutely lethal up close. While you might struggle a little at very long ranges with this particular loadout, it’s perfect for pretty much every other combat situation there is in the game.

5: Kraber + Mastiff

This is probably one of the hardest loadouts to acquire in Apex Legends because both the Kraber sniper rifle and the Mastiff shotgun can only be found from supply drops but, if you ever manage to have both these weapons equipped, you will be able to wreak havoc on your opponents. The Kraber does an insane amount of damage per shot and guarantees a kill at any range as long as you hit a headshot and the Mastiff shotgun can be used to pummel any opponent that comes close.

All said and done, the aforementioned weapon loadouts are those that we recommend every single Apex Legend player to try out because they’re quite effective and, at the same time, incredibly fun to use as well.

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